Rethinking the Beach House: Architectural Marina Apartments

The Beach House is loved for providing relaxation, escape, and a place to connect with loved ones and nature–but they can be extravagant and require constant upkeep. This was the experience that inspired Osprey Apartments: a collaboration between Figurehead Construction and Wolveridge Architects.

Two and Three-bedroom coastal apartments with secure parking and storage options, lift access, and maintained gardens offer Osprey residents their own piece of breathtaking architecture and landscape, without personal toll.

An exciting feature of these apartments is the ‘lightwell breezeway’ entrances to each of the boutique apartments. This architectural technique provides crossflow ventilation and access to natural light–as well as a place for shoes and towels, at the same time preserving security.

“We wanted to offer Martha Cove apartments that utilise sophisticated design and construction practices to feel light, bright, and use space better. Quality architecture shouldn’t be reserved for oversized homes only,” says Joe Grasso, Founder and Managing Director of Figurehead Group, developer and builder at Osprey, Martha Cove.



Figurehead are an industry-leading builder with a reputation for delivering award-winning outcomes of exceptional quality, including Martha Cove’s The Moorings, Wheelhouse, and two Boat Storage Facilities for Boatyard by d’Albora.


For more information on Osprey Coastal apartments, from $865K-1.6M.
Contact Ian Ross: 0404868470